Serious Business

Shirt: Goodwill (Vine & Fountain, arguably my 2nd favorite in Los Angeles.)
Sweater: Gap circa 1999/2000 (I've said it before - I think - and I'll say it again:  If someone wants me to part with this cardigan, they will have to pry this off of my cold dead body.)
Pants: Thrifted and gifted by my mother. I think they're Talbots? Or Chicos?  I mean, look at them. 
Shoes: TJMaxx

This outfit is the total opposite of Serious Business.  I mean, are you kidding me?  I don't recall the reaction I got when I wore this to work, (Uh-oh... I just revealed my secret.  I stockpile photos) but I know I did it.  I'm sure strangers gaped at me in shock and not awe, but I think one of my bosses really dug my pants.  

I can't believe I wore this.  This is the result when my man is either out of town or unemployed (and thus still sleeping when I leave in the morning).  

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