Office Lumberjack

Shirt: Target
Skirt: Old Navy
Tights: TJMaxx
Shoes: $5 at a yardsale

I wore this to work thinking, "Maybe this is too far.  Maybe I've finally done it."  This is something I have thought to myself at least one morning a month for the past three years.  Usually it's because I'm wearing a skirt or shorts that seem too short, or shoes that seem too casual.  But this day... this day was special.

I mean, what the fuck is this outfit?
My boss loved it.
Also these shoes gave me blisters like you would not believe after 12 hours, so I have not worn them again.  But I will.  Oh, I will. 


Bulky Crayon

Shirt: American Apparel
Tank: Target
Belt:  Petrune, maybe, the aforementioned Allie gift.
Pants: Urban Outfitters sale
Shoes: Gap

This is another way to wear the pieces from the earlier outfit.  Despite the fact that this shirt does not have a dead rock icon's face on it, I think it may be even crazier.  Not my best work, but at the time, I loved it.  


Shirt: Self made from Elvis fabric (gifted to me by the loveliest Meg Brown)
Belt: Petrune, I think (a gift from the loveliest Allie Clingan).
Pants: Super online sale from Urban Outfitters!
Socks: Some discount store with my mom, because there is nowhere else one would buy trouser socks.
Shoes: Marshalls or TJMaxx (I love them equally, and in my mind they are interchangeable. Like calling nose tissues Kleenex). 

I have  no idea what happened to the full length photo of this outfit, but you can piece it together.  I'm sure I had no accessories on, because when Elvis is repeatedly on your shirt, if that's not the one thing you take off when you look in the mirror, you certainly remove any and all other flashy extras.  

80s Ski Lodge Employee

Sweater: Forever21

Skirt: American Apparel

Tights:  No idea where they came from.  A gift, maybe?

Shoes: American Vintage (the one on Hillhurst, now closed).

The orange belt from the last post came attached to this sweater.  It was a crazy pairing.  Rule number one, if an article of clothing comes with a belt, do not wear them together.

When you wear multiple bright colors together, people can't help but comment on it.  A lot.  I don't know how to wear colors like these any other way.  


4th of July

Last year's costume contest 1st place winner.

This year I judged the annual Independence Day costume contest for the first time. This was my judge outfit.

While selecting this outfit I discovered I have a plethora of patriotic clothing. So this outfit was actually just day 1 of a weeks worth of America inspired outfits. Photos to come, I'm sure.

Back in Navy.

I have stock piled photos for months and now I'm back in action guys!

Sweater: Gap Outlet (Honestly from middle school. It has an enormous stain on one sleeve and a hole I keep patching. I will get rid of it over my dead body.)

Tshirt: Disneyland gift shop

Pants: Gap

Belt: free with Forever21 sweater

Shoes: Target

Glasses: Xander Lott's Halloween costume he left in my apartment.

Allie is terrified of these glasses. I think they're perfect.
Location:Back in navy.

Band Geek

Sweater: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Clark's
Folks universally love these knee socks and I have no idea where they came from. Which is a real shame because they are getting all kinds of stretched out in the heel area.
People do a lot of commenting on how Forever 21 clothes are "disposable" because they fall apart so quickly. I have plenty of years-old things from there, though, and none of my clothes ever fall apart. After just a few wears, however, this skirt is already super nubby. So maybe I should shut my fucking trap, huh?