Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club

Dress: American Apparel
Cardigan: Forever 21
Tights: Target
Shoes: Target

This theme is clearly very obvious, but it was still nice to have more than one person at work say, "Sergeant Pepper!"

As you can see, I haven't washed my hair.  And these tights have very faint velvet-y feeling hearts printed on them.  And even though you can't really tell in this photo,  you should know I can't manage to keep my tights very clean.  Every time I wear tights without boots I end up with dirty ankles.  This is a real shame for these tights, since they are white and were quite dirty after this, their inaugural appearance on my body.  

I just looked up "inaugural", and I am using it incorrectly in this post.  I will continue to use it any damn way I please. 



Sweater: American Eagle (Not on sale!  I saw it in the window, walked in, and bought it. I never do stuff like that.)

T-shirt: Target

Skirt: American Apparel

Shoes:  Target

Snakes:  store in San Francisco

People go crazy for these snakes.  Get some plastic snake earrings, it doesn't matter what you wear with them. 


Rain Delay

Shirt: thrifted (from The Bins in Portland!!!!) I have an identical one in green that will surely turn up on here.
Sweater: Gabriel Bros.
Pants: Seven for All Mankind (sample sale, duh)
Boots: Army Navy Store (California Surplus Mart, to be specific)
Belt: stolen (probably from Jess Brock, sorry girl!)

So I had a whole different outfit planned and then I woke up to rain and gloom.  In typical LA fashion, it looked gloomier than it was and my feet grew quite hot in those boots.  (They are also impossible to drive in safely, so if you plan to get them, bring an extra right shoe to slip on every time you plan to drive.   They sure are a pain in the ass, let me tell you.)

My only wish: that this sweater was more cropped.   Crop tops forever, for all seasons!


Deep Discounts

Shirt: Thrifted
Vest: American Apparel Factory Sale
Skirt: American Apparel Factory Sale
Sweater: TJ Maxx
Shoes: Target
Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss: Target
Cinnamon Broom: Albertson's

The American Apparel Factory flea market promised me things would be up to 90% off and I would say that was quite the exaggeration. Still, I picked up both these gems and a long sleeve leotard because apparently I can't get enough of trapping my body in my own garments.

These pictures make me look like an old lady, but in real life the skirt is a vibrant purple and not so matronly.

Anyway, the real point of this post is to tell you that the Halloween bean bag toss is probably about 50% off at Target right now, and you should go get it.