Dress: Forever21, thrifted
Necklace: made out of a fossil my man brought back from Morocco
Tights: get any brand except Forever21 (unwearable), especially Hue (get them on sale at department stores in the summer).

This dress has the problem of being juuust on the edge of inappropriately short. So I always wear it with tights, which is a bit awkward temperature-
wise since I don't like to wear anything over the dress, making it summer-only. Thank god for LA weather, right?


Beach cowgirl

Tank top: thrifted, American Apparel
Skirt: American Apparel
Dress: beach cover up from Marshall's
Tights: cream fishnets, Jessica Simpson brand?
Boots: Steve Madden via Marshall's

This dress works best when worn with just a slip and bra underneath, but that seemed too scandalous for work. I think it's too bulky with the skirt and tank underneath, but overall I do like the look of crocheted dress and fishnets together.


Lemon meringue pie

Sweater: Anthropologie (on sale and with a gift card guys, I could never afford that)
Dress: self made (and if you are even slightly craft-inclined, you already know that I got that fabric from Jo-Ann's and you will definitely stop me to tell me.)
Belt: gift from Allie!
Shoes: Dr. Scholl's (and if you know where I can locate an identical new pair, I will give you this old pair as a reward! They're the best!)

Everyone's a critic - my friends all hate this ensemble and I sort of do too. I think the length of the skirt makes me look dowdy and they all think the sweater is too conservative.

But coworkers LOVE it. Are they trying to drop hints that I should cover up more?



Shirt: American Apparel factory store
Camisole: some store in Ithaca, New York
Skirt: thrifted, vintage Wilson's leather
Shoes: Marshalls

Does it feel weird to step into a fitted long leather skirt? Like I'm climbing inside an animal? Yes. Will that stop me? No.
Mid calf skirts are the new maxi skirts.

Kelly Kapowski at work

Top: thrifted, Ann Taylor
Skirt: American Apparel factory store
Sandals: Dolce Vita

Sometimes I think - is this skirt too sexy for work? And then I think, well, I'll wear it with flats.

I've noticed a pattern - there's a lot of Ann Taylor at the thrift and discount stores. My mom has a crazy problem where she gets me things at the thrift store if they're a "good deal", which means this blouse is silk and cost $1! Whenever I receive a package from her, my first instinct is to take everything inside it right back to my own thrift store. Instead, I resist the urge and try to wear everything at least once.

Usually one time is all I can take, but this blouse has really come through for me. Because the 90s are back. At first, I was upset about this news. And then I realized I love to tie any shirt up into a belly shirt.

White on white

Green tank: Target
White tank: thrifted, American Apparel
Skirt: Ann Taylor via Gabriel Bros.
Shoes: Cole Haan, via TJMaxx

I described this outfit to Allie and she thought it sounded hideous. I don't mean to rag on Allie constantly, I really do appreciate critiques, but eat your words.

Three tips:
1) Get a lace tank top (in any color, from anywhere) and wear it with everything.

2) Buy a time machine and go back to Target two years ago and buy their micro rib tank tops in every color - I especially recommend the racerback style (but if you wear a regular bra with one I will lose it - a convertible bra costs $8, get it together). They have similar ones now, but they just aren't the same. You really missed out.

3) If you live near a Gabriel Bros. fucking get inside it. They have all the things that couldn't be sold at TJMaxx and Marshalls. You think you don't want those things but you do. And they're only going to cost you like $4. If you don't live near one, that sucks. But next time you're in Cleveland or Lexington, make it happen.

The modern sexy secretary

Shirt: Forever21
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: thrifted, Loeffler Randall
Pin: race horse, antique store

Guys, get to the Goodwill on Hollywood Blvd. at Hillhurst in Los Feliz. You will not fucking regret it. Those shoes were brand new and $20 and the skirt is real suede!


Sexy Annie Hall

Shirt: who knows
Vest: thrifted, Ann Taylor
Shorts: thrifted, Forever21
Shoes: Gap

Sometimes you want to dress like Diane Keaton and sometimes you want to show off some leg. Done.

Business Casual

Tank: Hane's, self dyed
Dress: thrifted, J. Brand
Shoes: vintage, American Vintage, Los Angeles

I dyed a four-pack of men's white tank tops and made a commitment to wear them to work four days in a row. I think this was my most successful outfit of the bunch, though Allie (on the couch) thinks it's my worst.

This dress rules. I highly recommend picking up some sort of jumper from the thrift store and wearing it multiple ways- with shirts, tanks, and button downs both under and over it.

Girl Scout

Dress: vintage, Shareen's
Shoes: Dolce Vita

I've never understood why people think jeans are the most comfortable thing you can wear. I'll admit it - I used to sleep in my jeans in high school a lot because
1) I would get drunk and fall asleep on a cold basement floor
2) I thought the above made me tough.

But really. When I wake up after a night of heavy drinking or (more realistically) a night of watching a lot of Friends episodes, I want to get ready for work as fast as possible. So on goes a dress.


Tank : Target
Skirt: self made
Shoes: Clarks
Necklace: Petrune's, Ithaca, New York

I was going for a tough Cher Horowitz from Clueless look.

This was my first time sewing plaid fabric as well as my first time putting a yoke into a skirt. The rumors are true - if you don't match up your plaids (or intentionally un-mach them) you will be disappointed with the finished product. Watch your local thrift stores for this skirt in the next few months.

Captain EO

Shirt: Disneyland
Skirt: American Apparel
Shoes: Target

I am of the firm belief that if a T-shirt is in a solid color or has a a simple graphic design it is totally work appropriate. Throwing on this spandexy high waisted skirt with a T-shirt and flats is my version of a T-shirt and jeans.

I got this shirt on my first ever trip to Disneyland (at age 25) even though I didn't like the Captain EO ride as much as I'd hoped. I was not prepared for the amount of attention it gets from strangers every time I wear it.