Kelly Kapowski at work

Top: thrifted, Ann Taylor
Skirt: American Apparel factory store
Sandals: Dolce Vita

Sometimes I think - is this skirt too sexy for work? And then I think, well, I'll wear it with flats.

I've noticed a pattern - there's a lot of Ann Taylor at the thrift and discount stores. My mom has a crazy problem where she gets me things at the thrift store if they're a "good deal", which means this blouse is silk and cost $1! Whenever I receive a package from her, my first instinct is to take everything inside it right back to my own thrift store. Instead, I resist the urge and try to wear everything at least once.

Usually one time is all I can take, but this blouse has really come through for me. Because the 90s are back. At first, I was upset about this news. And then I realized I love to tie any shirt up into a belly shirt.

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