Rain Delay

Shirt: thrifted (from The Bins in Portland!!!!) I have an identical one in green that will surely turn up on here.
Sweater: Gabriel Bros.
Pants: Seven for All Mankind (sample sale, duh)
Boots: Army Navy Store (California Surplus Mart, to be specific)
Belt: stolen (probably from Jess Brock, sorry girl!)

So I had a whole different outfit planned and then I woke up to rain and gloom.  In typical LA fashion, it looked gloomier than it was and my feet grew quite hot in those boots.  (They are also impossible to drive in safely, so if you plan to get them, bring an extra right shoe to slip on every time you plan to drive.   They sure are a pain in the ass, let me tell you.)

My only wish: that this sweater was more cropped.   Crop tops forever, for all seasons!

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